A Song At Sunset

Amelia Carr : A SONG AT SUNSET 

A wartime love affair tears a family apart. Can old wounds ever be healed?

When Carrie Chapman, tied to a husband she does not love, signs up to be an ambulance attendant at the outbreak of World War Two, she has little idea of what lies in store. The job is gruelling, and will show her some things so devastating she’ll never forget them. Yet it will also bring her great satisfaction and freedom, and a love affair that gives her more happiness than she has ever known.

But on a warm summer evening, five years after the war ends, horrific events change Carrie’s life for ever.

Carrie has vowed never to tell anyone the truth about that night, but the cost of this secret is great: her daughter Gillian, then just eight years old, has never forgiven her for what happened; Carrie hasn't seen Gillian in years. Now a letter has arrived that will stir up the past, and could bring the two women together. Will Carrie break her long silence and, if she does, will Gillian finally be able to forgive? 

Brilliantly compelling and deeply moving, A SONG AT SUNSET is the story of a family that has been torn apart, of long-buried secrets and of the endurance of love.