About Me

I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember – at school I wrote serials for my classmates on sheets of paper torn from my exercise books, which were passed from hand to hand – until being caught writing under the desk in a chemistry lesson put a stop to my budding career. It wasn’t until I was married, with a young baby, that I took up my pencil again. Over night-time feeds, washing nappies, and ironing, my imagination once again kicked in, and with it, the itch to write. This time, though, I was inspired to try to sell my work – we were flat broke, and it was the prospect of earning some money as much as the desire to see my stories in print that spurred me on to submitting them to IPC women’s magazines. To my delight, they sold – hundreds of them! For the next ten years, I wrote either a short story or a serial episode every single week, often specially commissioned by the magazines.

I then turned my hand to writing a novel – The Black Mountains – the first in a series of family sagas set in a Somerset mining community which I based on Radstock, my home town. Many other novels followed, big, broad-sweep, multi-generational stories which were published by Century, and, more recently, gothics and modern mystery for Severn House. All these books were written under my real name, Janet Tanner. 

And then, when Dance With Wings was published by Headline, Amelia Carr was born.

Well, actually Amelia Rose Carr was born in December 2005 - my youngest granddaughter. A lovely name, I thought – and she was kind enough to let me borrow it! (Well, actually that was her mummy and daddy’s decision; I hope when she’s old enough to understand, she won’t mind too much!)