Monday, 21 June 2010

Books, Hols & Films

Oh dear! It’s an awfully long time since I updated my website. And my blog has been neglected, too. I am so sorry! My only excuse is that I am hard at work on my new book and after a long day writing, and with my head still buzzing with my characters and what is happening to them, I just don’t seem to get around to writing anything about myself!
Now it’s June. The sun is shining, the roses in my garden have come into bloom, and I really don’t know where the first half of this year has gone.
The hardback edition of A Song at Sunset was published in March, the paperback is due out at the beginning of August. Just right for fitting in your suitcase and reading on the beach! I’m really looking forward to seeing it in the shops, and hope you are too.
Last month, Terry and I went to Spain for a week. I love Spain. I’d never been there until maybe ten years ago – I was put off by the fact that I imagined it would noisy and garish, all discos and fish and chips. (Not that there’s anything wrong with fish and chips, except perhaps all those calories – I like fish and chips as much as the next person, but don’t want them when I’m on a foreign holiday). Then one year we decided to give it a go, and I absolutely loved it. The mountains, the villages, the sun, sea, and yes, the sangria! Actually I prefer it to Italy, which I agree has some stunning scenery, but in a more chocolate-boxy way. Anyway, we were very lucky with the weather – apparently they had had a couple of weeks of rain just before we went – but the sun came out for us, and of course the rain meant everything was very green and lovely instead of parched and brown as it sometimes is.
Last week I went to the cinema with my girlfriends, something we do on a fairly regular basis. I wasn’t overly impressed with the film, Sex and The City 2, but I hadn’t really expected to be. And I wasn’t able to ‘dress the part’ in high heels as I had been instructed to do by my friend Diana because I came straight from Bristol where I had been looking after my little granddaughter, the real Amelia Carr. But the thing I really enjoy is that we always go to The Lounge wine bar before the cinema, share a pizza and a bottle of wine, and this week a plate of tapas too as we were all hungry. In two weeks time we are going to the theater instead of the cinema, to see Dreamboats and Petticoats. I’m really looking forward to that. All that music from my youth! Wish I still had a paper nylon petticoat and full skirt to wear, but I’m horribly certain the cinch belt wouldn’t go round my waist any more!
Well, I’d better get on with some proper writing now. I’m due to deliver my new book in a couple of months time, and I’ve still some way to go. But I really will try to update my blog next month – promise!

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