Monday, 16 May 2011

How Time Flies

May already!  I don’t BELIEVE it!  How time flies when you’re having fun!  … or working hard …

My new Amelia Carr came out in paperback two weeks ago, and I’ve been very busy promoting it.  This weekend I signed stock in two Waterstones book shops – Bath and Taunton – and did two radio interviews, Saturday on Radio Somerset, and Sunday on Radio Bristol.  I’ve also got several speaking engagements lined up for June – three library events, and an ‘Evening With Janet Tanner’ as a supper speaker at The Kings Arms, Litton.  I’m beginning to be terrified I’m going to forget something – my calendar has never looked so full.  And then there are the dentist’s appointments, hairdresser (to get my roots done), and a mysterious entry that says ‘Dan and Amelia’, which presumably means I am booked to look after my two youngest grandchildren.

Then there’s my new Twitter account – 36 following so far – and my new Amelia Carr Author Facebook page to be kept up, and sales to check on Amazon – very exciting when the graph shows a sudden steep slope that you’d need crampons to climb.  

And my patio pots to be planted up – I have a lot of those, because much of our garden is in the shade – and the patio table is groaning with trays of geraniums, lobelia, petunias, begonias, etc etc, and perhaps I should spray the roses and honeysuckle now that it’s turned damp before the black-spot and blight takes hold.  And I’ve got to remember to get my courgette pots out of the airing cupboard and see if the seeds are sprouting ….

All this, and trying to write a new book too!  My head sometimes feels as if it’s bursting.  It’s no wonder my blog gets put on the back burner!

So perhaps you’ll forgive me if I keep this one short and sweet.  But I promise, honestly, that I will do an update very, very soon …

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